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November 05, 2021 3 min read

Candles can be a bit tricky to manage when you don't have the right tips and tools to help you maximize their performance. Since many think that candles burn linearly, most people don't take the time to sit down and learn about proper candle care to help enhance their burn.

With that being said, our team has curated some of our tried and tested tips to help your luxury candles burn longer and perform better. If you're interested to learn more, keep reading!

Tip #1: If You're Lighting Your Candle for the First Time, Let It Burn Until the Melted Wax Reaches the Edge

Many forget the power of your candle's first burn. The truth is, the way you burn your candle the first time will affect the overall performance of your luxury candle. Ideally, you want to allow some time for your candle wick to melt the wax around until it reaches the edge. Once you do this, you set the "candle memory" once you do this, and your candle should burn better after. 

Tip #2: Use Your Candle's Lid or a Wick Dipper to Put the Flame Out

When you want to extinguish your candle, it's best to use your candle's lid or a wick dipper to push the wick into the melted wax and extinguish it. This is because if you let your candle burn for too long, the wick will end up mushrooming, creating a glob of black carbon on its wick. This glob is responsible for producing the black, powdery soot inside your jar. 

The blackened wick will fall into the wax when you burn your candle for too long, contaminate your candle, and discolor your wax. 

Tip #3: Trim Your Wick After Using Your Candle

You'll want to use a wick trimmer to nip your wick to a shorter length before burning your candle again. When you don't do this, the wick will create a sooty smoke that will settle inside your jar and could break your creamy candle, which could ruin the performance and burn of your luxury candle. 

Tip #4: Choose the Right Place to Burn Your Candle

When choosing a place to burn your candle, you want to select an area with minimal breeze and movement. Besides that, you want to ensure that it's far enough from little hands and furry paws to reach. 

The reason behind this is that breezes and movement can affect the burn-time of your candle and could affect its performance as well.

The Bottom Line: Keep These Tips in Mind for a Proper Candle Burn

It can be quite daunting to light your luxury candles, right? But keep these tips in mind. You'll get to maximize its performance, ensuring that they retain its quality even after countless burns. Of course, it's only right that you purchase your soy wax candles from a reliable shop to ensure that you're getting the best of the best for your home. Trust us — with these tips, you'll have a cozy, ambient home every day!

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