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October 29, 2021 3 min read

Everyone loves food! You wouldn’t be able to find one person that has no appetite for some delicious cuisines, whether local or foreign. While some recipes across the world may seem strange, a majority of them are enticing enough to contend with your local favorites.

Although most dishes would smell so good right after you take them off the pan or the baking oven, some of their odors are not so appetizing once a single day passes. Food must be served fresh; otherwise, there is a tendency for them to smell or give off a weird taste. You may have encountered the sudden offset of odor in your kitchen due to food that was left out from the previous day. In fact, we are willing to bet that you spent a few hours just to try and freshen up the atmosphere.

The thing is, this is one struggle that homemakers often have to contend with; that is why we have listed a couple of tips below that may help with their efforts to get rid of those strong smells in their kitchen. Feel free to try them out and see the difference that they make in your cooking spaces.

1. Clean the Mess Immediately

After cooking, it’s just normal to have a few splatters of oil and ingredients on the tabletop and stove. The thing is, you must not leave it off to dry; otherwise, the smell of those ingredients will remain for many hours. This is crucial, especially if you are preparing something that contains seafood and meat products.

Not only are they hard to scrub off the surfaces, but their odor will linger, stretching towards the very next day. Do not overlook the cleaning process and tidy up before you indulge in your delicacy. Cleaning always goes a long way.

2. Bake Right after Cooking

To clarify, those are two completely different things. Cooking has more to do with frying pans than handling an oven, which is a staple tool for baking. This may seem like additional work until you realize that baked goods always produce some of the most endearing aromas.

Baking after you’ve just finished cooking up a seafood cuisine may help you eliminate the lingering smell of raw fish. Think of this as a way to cook up your dessert as well, something that you may do regularly to add more texture to your meals

3. Place and Light Up a Scented Candle

Scented candles would have to be one of the most amazing innovations for housekeeping and maintenance. While they may not do much for the physical aspect of your home, they can, however, improve its overall atmosphere, often being used to calm your nerves and enhance the smell of your indoor spaces.

In such a case, they would serve the same purpose when it comes to your kitchen. Scented candles give off a balanced smell that would eliminate the odor of food. The best thing about this is that there are countless scents to choose from, so if you prefer to go for something elegant or quirky, you have unlimited options.


No one ever wants their kitchen to smell bad after cooking up a storm; that is why it is always useful to know a couple of tips and tricks that may help eliminate smells as much as possible. Cleaning up the mess, baking right after, and placing a scented candle would not only liven up the dining area; it would also give your kitchen a good vibe that is free from any odor.

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