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December 10, 2021 3 min read

The festive season is here, which means people are decking out their homes to embrace the holiday cheer. Gifts are pouring in left and right, too, so part of the common lovely things you’ll likely receive include scented candles since they’re popular, self-care items that don’t fail to bring warmth to whoever has it. 

Scented candles are simple gifts that can elevate the mood of your space’s atmosphere, especially if it produces scents that capture the holiday spirit—from the fresh smell of pine trees, the sweet and spicy essence of cinnamon, to the tangy, fruity punch of wine. But other than lighting up the scented candle straight out of the box, do you know any tricks to make the most of your decadent-smelling gift? 

Tips to Properly Light and Care for Your Scented Candles

Tip #1: Trim the Wick

Before lighting your candle, trim the wick to ¼ inch, then place the candle on a level, heat-resistant surface that can handle the heat. If you’re traveling, you can place the candle in a sturdy container and set it on the dashboard or console. 

Be sure to light the candle away from any draft and make sure any flammable objects are at least three feet away. When lighting the wick, do not light it from the side since that can cause the candle to tip and leave unwanted soot on the side of the jar. Rather, light it from the top, near the wick.

Tip #2: Don't Let the Candle Tunnel by Letting It Burn for an Hour Only 

One of the most important things to remember when lighting a scented candle is to allow it to burn for at least one hour before extinguishing it. That’s because it takes some time to develop the maximum amount of fragrance from the candle. You don’t want to extinguish the candle before it has the chance to develop the full fragrance.

However, if you were to leave your candle to light for too long, you run the risk of tunneling. This is when the wax at the edge of the container melts and recedes inside. This causes the flame to be closer to the container than the center.

When this happens, the wick can touch the sides of the container and produce soot marks on it. This can also damage your candle since the wax can build up on the side of the container and drip from it. To avoid this, try to extinguish the candle when it’s burned for an hour.

Tip #3: Trim the Wick Every Five Hours

As your candle burns, the wick will continue to consume the wax, so it’s important to trim it often to keep it from getting too long. The best time to trim the wick is after five hours of burning. A longer wick can burn too quickly and produce a lot of smoke, which can make the scent of the candle stronger and less appealing.

Keep a pair of scissors by the candle so you can trim the wick whenever it’s necessary. Just cut the wick to an inch or two—depending on the size of the wick—and you’ll be good to go.

Tip #4: Store Your Scented Candles in a Cool Place

Remember that the scented candle will burn more slowly when it’s kept cool. Avoid placing the candle in direct sunlight or on a hot surface, such as on your stovetop, near the microwave, or by the window where it can get direct sunlight. 

The Bottom Line: How to Make the Most of Scented Candles and Enjoy Your Favorite Fragrances Longer

Scented candles can be a practical, fun, and affordable gift that you can give to friends and family this holiday season. Not only do they serve as great gifts, but they can provide a pleasant atmosphere in your home that the entire family can enjoy.

To make the most of your scented candle, follow our tips above and light, trim, and care for your candle to bring out the most fragrance. With these tips, you’ll be able to use your candle for a long time without it burning out too soon.

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