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Luxury Scented Candles
Soy Candles Made in USA
Best Smelling Soy Wax Candles
We cordially invite you to fundraise with Lovespoon Candles!


  • LoveSpoon Candles offer a highly competitive profit margin on premium soy candles. We also pass the discount down to you, so that you and your Organization can raise more money for your good cause. LoveSpoon Candles Fundraising Customers earn 20% back on each and every soy candle sold.
  • Luxurious, Long Lasting Products. A single 8.5oz Monogram Series and Cornerstone Collection Soy Candle burn for approximately 50 hours. Additionally, our premium candles are 100% soy and have eco-wicks, which are made of cotton. Soy candles are known to be clean burning without the release of chemicals like traditional paraffin waxes. Lovespoon Candles will undoubtedly fill your home with a lush & long-lasting fragrance.
  • No Upfront Costs to You. Simply sell, and we fulfill your orders. Ultimately your Organization takes home profit for your cause. It's that easy. In Option #1 we do not require you to make any product purchases upfront. Lovespoon Candles allows you and your organization to fundraise easily & efficiently.


  • Another option many companies and schools choose is our luxury candles wholesale option.Some schools have also seen great success with moving forward on our travel candles bulk option as well. This is where you can purchase our highly scented candles wholesale and then resell at a larger profit margin. So please reach out to us if you are interested in our high end candles wholesale option. We have (66) deluxe tins and jars to choose from in this particular offering. Many divine fragrances to choose from: Vanilla Bean, Day at the Spa, Banana Nut Bread, & Citrus Mandarin to name just a few….
  • We just launched the wholesale travel candles option, and many organizations find this to be so ideal, as these are more cost effective for the organization to purchase and of course the end-user. In the end all parties have been thrilled with this option. We have (33) options in our wholesale travel candles option or ultimately our travel candles bulk of 15 travel tin candles. Inquire with Lovespoon Candles Today!

No Coupons May Be Used During Fundraiser